Empowering Civic Mentors and Topowa Forum conveners: KICK-U Lead Training in Kigezi Region

In a bid to foster grassroots engagement and combat corruption, Kick Corruption Out of Uganda (KICK-U), in collaboration with the Uganda National NGO Forum, organized a comprehensive training session for civic mentors and Topowa Forum conveners. Held at Kirigime Guest House in Kabale District, Kigezi region, the event convened on Wednesday, January 7th, 2023, under the Theme: "Strengthening Citizens' Engagement in Elections (SCENE)."

With participants hailing from Kabale, Rubanda, and Rukiga districts, the training aimed to equip attendees with the knowledge and skills necessary to drive discussions on political participation and demand accountability from elected officials.

KICK-U after Scene  Training Meeting
Civic mentors and Topowa Forum conveners Pose for a group photo after the Training

Mr. Kakuru Byamugisha Robert, the Executive Director of Kick Corruption of Uganda (KICK-U), set the tone by outlining the organization's background, mandate, and the purpose of the training.Highlighting the essence of democracy, Mr. Byamugisha emphasized the pivotal role of citizens in shaping governance. He described various forms of democracy and underscored the importance of citizen-centric governance. "In democracy, the citizens are the first priority," he passionately proclaimed. Civic and voter education were also focal points of his presentation, urging participants to actively engage in electoral processes.

Mr. Nabaasa Barnabas, the SCENE project Focal Person and Programs Officer of KICK-U, delved into the overview of SCENE activities. From identifying new Topowa groups to conducting quarterly discussions and facilitating civic education at the grassroots level, the SCENE project aimed at boosting citizen participation and holding institutions accountable.

Addressing the financial aspect of community empowerment, Mr. Twinamasiko Bright, Head of Finance at Kick Corruption of Uganda, emphasized the significance of financial management. Stressing integrity and prudent decision-making, he imparted insights into budgeting and financial planning, citing the story of the eagle's longevity as a testament to the importance of making hard decisions for long-term success.

One of the Participants, Madam Adellah lauded the training as enlightening and indispensable. "I have learned a multitude of invaluable lessons that will undoubtedly propel me towards success and enable me to contribute meaningfully to the SCENE project," She said, expressing heartfelt gratitude to Kick Corruption Out of Uganda for their unwavering dedication to combating corruption and fostering democratic ideals.

 In conclusion, the training served as a beacon of hope for grassroots empowerment and anti-corruption efforts in Uganda. With renewed knowledge and determination, participants pledged to actively contribute to the implementation of the SCENE project, thus indicating a brighter future for democratic participation and accountability in the Kigezi region.



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