Kick Corruption Out of Uganda Unveils Philanthropy for Development Program in Rubanda District

In partnership with Uganda National NGO Forum (UNNGOF), Kick Corruption Out of Uganda (KICK-U) spearheaded a transformative Community Dialogue on Thursday 23rd November,2023, engaging residents of Bwegyerere cell, Kigyeyo ward, in Rubanda Town Council, Rubanda District. The event held at Bwegyerere Church of Uganda marked the introduction of the Philanthropy for Development Program, aiming to cultivate a spirit of "Giving for Change and Development" within the local community.

The dialogue was not merely a platform to discuss corruption but also a catalyst for addressing pressing community issues, formulating Action Plans, and seeking validations from the residents.Among the paramount concerns raised during the dialogue was the surge in theft cases and the presence of unknown individuals in the area. The rampant theft of animals triggered a collective determination among locals to devise innovative mechanisms to combat this issue, reinforcing a sense of community unity and resilience.

Another significant topic that emerged during the discussion was the perceived segregation in the distribution of government programs within the communities. This prompted a thoughtful dialogue on inclusivity and equal access, challenging the status quo and advocating for a fair and equitable distribution of resources.

Mr.Banarbasa talking to the Residents of Bwegyere cell
Mr. Nabaasa Barnabas , the Programs Officer at Kick Corruption Out of Uganda addressing key issues affecting the Residents

Mr. Nabaasa Barnabas , the Programs Officer at Kick Corruption Out of Uganda, clarified that these community dialogues serve a broader purpose than just addressing immediate concerns. He emphasized the importance of assessing citizen engagement levels and their impact on policy-making at different levels. The review of agreements and responsibilities during such dialogues is crucial for strategically planning the way forward.

"We firmly believe that every citizen has a role to play in the fight against corruption. By raising awareness, promoting transparency, and holding our leaders accountable, we can create a culture of integrity and ethical behavior that will deter corruption," said Mr.Barnabas from Kick-U.

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Residents of Bwegyerere cell, Kigyeyo ward, Rubanda Town Council, Rubanda District demonstrated unity in their commitment to combat corruption and contribute to building a brighter future for Uganda. The collective determination of the community highlighted the potential for positive change when citizens join forces against corruption.

The commitment of Kick Corruption Out of Uganda was palpable throughout the event, as they reaffirmed their dedication to not only curbing immediate challenges but also fostering enduring positive change within the community. The Philanthropy for Development Program stands as a testament to their commitment to cultivating a culture of "Giving for Change and Development" among the residents.

As the dialogue concluded, there was a tangible sense of empowerment and optimism within the community. Kick Corruption Out of Uganda has not only kickstarted a movement for change in Rubanda District but has also sown the seeds for a more united and resilient community ready to face and overcome challenges together.

The Community Dialogue hosted by Kick-U marks a pivotal moment in Uganda's ongoing battle against corruption, signaling a new era of citizen-driven initiatives and community-led development. As the nation stands united against corruption, the P4D Program emerges as a beacon of hope, inspiring Ugandans to actively contribute to building a fair, just, and corruption-free society.

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