Kick Corruption out of Uganda (KICK-U) Thrives through QuAM: A Story of Systemic Growth and Social Impact

In the heart of Kabale District, a grassroots movement sparked by passion and a commitment to social change has evolved into a formidable force against corruption. Kick Corruption out of Uganda (KICK-U) stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and the transformative impact of embracing quality and compliance through the Quality Assurance Mechanism (QuAM).

Mr. Robert Kakuru Byamugisha, the visionary Executive Director of KICK-U, shared the organization's remarkable journey. "NGOs emerge due to passion and the desire to cause social change," he remarked, emphasizing that such aspirations require collaboration and partnerships for meaningful impact. Recognizing the importance of professionalism and compliance in fostering partnerships, KICK-U adopted the QuAM process in 2014 as a catalyst for systemic growth.

The QuAM process, designed to assess and enhance the quality and accountability of organizations, proved to be a game-changer for KICK-U. By aligning its internal systems with QuAM standards, the organization not only gained the trust of Government Ministries and Agencies but also strengthened its relationships with various Development Partners and Boundary Stakeholders.

"The growth has been impressive," exclaimed Robert Kakuru Byamugisha. He revealed that the financial portfolio of KICK-U soared from 300 million in 2015 to an impressive 1 billion, a testament to the organization's increased capacity to fulfill its mandate effectively. This established strength prompted a strategic rebranding and expansion of operations, signaling a shift from "Kick Corruption out of Kigezi" to the more ambitious "Kick Corruption out of Uganda."

The impact of QuAM on KICK-U extends beyond financial success. The organization's internal systems were encouraged, and insights gained from the assessment illuminated the value of external operations that positively shape its image among stakeholders. The effect of these improvements has been felt in communities across South Western Uganda, as KICK-U continues to champion the cause of fighting Corruption, promoting Transparency and Accountability.

As KICK-U thrives, the QuAM process stands as a beacon, guiding the organization towards sustained growth and societal transformation. The story of KICK-U exemplifies how a commitment to quality and accountability can propel an organization from local roots to National Prominence, making a lasting impact on the fight against corruption in Uganda.

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