KICK-U's Triumphs: Paving the Way for a Corruption-Free Society.

In the heart of Uganda, the Kick Corruption out of Uganda Organisation (KICK-U) has been steadfastly working towards its mission “Facilitating Communities to demand for good Governance and Accountability for improved service delivery in Uganda.”  As we reflect on our recent accomplishments, we take pride in the transformative projects and activities that have made a significant impact on the communities in the districts of Kabale, Kanungu, Kisoro, Rubanda, Rukiga, Rukungiri and Ntungamo.

District Integrity Promotion Forums (DIPF) Strengthens Good governance and Accountability at Local government level for improved Service Delivery to the Citizens. One of our major successes lies in the robust partnership and collaboration with different stakeholders at Local National and International levels. KICK-U has effectively enhanced its mandate of fighting corruption, promoting good governance, transparency, accountability and Human Rights. This initiative has fostered open communication channels, identified areas for engagements, and ultimately boosted the overall quality of advocacy using approaches like;

Public Contract Monitoring: In partnership with IGG, PPDA, OAG, DEI, AFIC, ACCU, AAIU, and GIZ, KICK-U has undertaken a critical role in monitoring public contracts across the aforementioned districts. This initiative investigated into various sectors, including education, health, infrastructure, agriculture, and water and sanitation. Through meticulous monitoring, gaps in the implementation of contracts have been identified and promptly reported to relevant boundary stakeholders. This has not only ensured transparency but also paved the way for corrective measures, fostering a culture of integrity in public procurement processes.

Strengthening Citizens Engagements In Elections (SCENE): KICK-U in Collaboration with UNNGOF with support from USAID, is implementing the SCENE Project, aimed at strengthening citizens' engagement in the electoral process. This project raises awareness about voter rights, instigates attitudinal shifts, and influences mindset changes among the citizens. By actively involving citizens in the electoral process, KICK-U has contributed significantly to building a more informed and engaged electorate.

Philanthropy for Development (P4D): This encourages Community paying for Change: Through P4D program, KICK-U empowers communities to take charge of their own development activities. This program enhances people's capacity and willingness to contribute resources, including money, time, materials, and labor, towards addressing local issues that affect them. The communal work undertaken has not only addressed immediate concerns but has also instilled a sense of ownership and responsibility among community members.

As we continue towards our vision of a corruption-free society, KICK-U remains committed to empowering communities, fostering transparency, Accountability and Good governance. Kick-U invites you to explore our website, , to derive deeper into the stories that define her journey. Our success stories in Kigezi, South-western Uganda are testaments to the positive change that can be achieved through Partnership and collaborative efforts and a resolute commitment to the fight against Corruption for improved people’s welfare. Let us stand united, firm in our commitments to a future where corruption is at a distant memory.


By Gracious Akandwanaho 

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